Coolest candle ever. I want one!

Creative Candles - Christop Van Bommel: A single flame lights additional ones. Coolest candle EVER!

Love the idea for a DIY skateboard lamp @istandarddesign

20 Creative DIY Lamp Ideas You Can Make Yourself

Smart Design

Well Designed Furniture

Coffee Bench by BEYOND Studio: smart design . a flexible bench/table for the deck or yard - smart!

a DIY star projector

a DIY star projector for night time mood lighting . I don't know where this will go but I love this idea! - no more falling stars

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet Easy Tips And Tricks

I almost never fold fitted sheets the correct way. 25 Tutorials To Teach How To Fold Fitted Sheets.

Night lights with detachable glow balls for when you go to the bathroom in the dark.This is really cool!

Glowing nightlight lamp with removable glow balls for trips to the bathroom, really cool! Glowing nightlight lamp with removable glow balls for trips to the bathroom, really cool!

Skulls for the fire pit!?! These fire safe skulls make every day halloween. Perfect for the dark-loving outdoor people in your life. Pile these up and enjoy the wickedness in your own backyard.


These are the Myard DELUXE Imitated Human Skull Logs for use in natural gas or liquid propane fireplaces/pits. Each skull is made from heat-tolerant ceramic and lava granules, layered over a steel.

Skate board swing! Hang on!!!

How to Make a Skateboard Swing. Here's a fantastic way to repurpose an old broken skateboard. Build this skateboard swing for your kids to enjoy! Find an old skateboard that your kids no longer use.

Neat gift idea!! The Tabletop Fireplace...

The Tabletop Fireplace - Using recycled liquid ethanol fuel that gives off only water vapor and carbon dioxide, the clean-burning, portable fireplace yields a bright yellow, orange, and red flame that flickers without fumes.

My backyard someday will be amazing with this!!

30 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer, Build a giant hammock swing.would love to have a hammock like this in the backyard!

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