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Descent of Lord Shiva and Family from Kailash

Descent of Lord Shiva and Family from Kailash, Hindu Watercolor on Paper

Portrait of the Elephant 'Alam Guman. Along with seventeen other elephants from Mewar, this famous tusker was presented to the Mughal emperor Jahangir during the New Year celebrations of March 21, 1614.

Portrait of the Elephant 'Alam Guman Painting attributed to Bichitr (active ca. Object Name: Illustrated album leaf Reign: Shah Jahan Date: ca.

Don't know if I could ever really be happy in a place like this, but it would be an adventure to try!

An Abandoned Castle in Belgium! "The Château de Noisy Belgian is a spectacular castle, abandoned since Though the nature and vandals have become ruins still is an awesome place that reflects the beauty and luxury that had in the past.

Mujer ortodoxa,,an Orthodox woman

Mujer ortodoxa,,an Orthodox woman