Partner Yoga for Kids!

older kids Yoga program for Kids with University of Arkansas. Partner Yoga Healthy Living Yoga for Kids!

Just Breathe: A Documentary on Kids and Mindfulness (VIDEO)

Here& a reminder to breathe. In this video on kids and mindfulness, children use breathing techniques to avoid anger, gain peace, and achieve more smiles!

Make your own mindful breathing wand to teach young children #mindfulness and help them learn how their breathing is their body's clue to how they are feeling. #socialwork

Make your own mindful breathing wand

Make your own Mindful Breathing Wand. Help children to calm down by getting them to focus on their breath and breathing. Teaching young children mindfulness is a lot easier and more fun than one might think.

Camping Yoga- Perfect for brain breaks, stations, with a camping theme and in therapies! I can't wait to use this!

Camping Themed Yoga

Camping Yoga Camping themed yoga cards and printables are great to use with kiddos to get them moving during the day.

Zen Picture Books to Teach Kids Mindfulness

Zen Picture Books to Teach Kids Mindfulness

Guide On How To Do Mindfulness Meditation. Mindfulness meditation is practiced sitting with eyes closed, cross-legged on a cushion.

Kinesthetic Learning Ideas - over 20 ideas!

Kinesthetic Learning Ideas

4 Kids Yoga Techniques that Develop Self- Regulation

Self-regulation is a critical competency that underlies executive function in two major ways: social-emotional (appropriate behavior in a social context) a


Children today need stress relieving strategies more than ever. Our lives are busy and hectic and we don’t always get the time to unwind and relax.