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Blast from the past!

Blast from the past!

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Breakfast Club


Sleestaks from Land of the Lost..just thinking about that sound they made....shudder

The Facts of Life

Wow! My favorite

Out of this World

Astro Pops - these were awesome!

Easy Bake Ovens...I so had the one that made little pizza..yeah...add water to the packet of sauce...mmmm (ick)

Harlem Lovebirds: I Miss 80s Toys

Remember the red leather pants... if you were in the 80's you gotta love sone Loverboy ;-) Saw them three times in concert..

80's's the Voyagers..Jon-Erik Hexum..died so young..

  • JoAnn Swain
    JoAnn Swain

    huge crush on him at the time!!

Remember this one? I swear.. the jaw always slammed close on my turn. I liked the anchor!

Lady Elaine Fairchild- still scary as hell. Wonder if she had Rosacea or just drank alot... Hmm.

I had one of these...A Mom and Dad gift


My favorite Christmas memory...getting Barbie Townhouse

Vintage Barbies Camper circa 1970 sallydominguez media-cache2.pint...

I remember having this..

Vintage record player #vintage #record#player #fisher#price #blue #yellow #toys

Jem...named my daughter Jerica after this show.

Watched again as an adult.. not as funny.. but still a cult icon

A friend and I collected many varieties.. wish they still made them!

I had every flavor from Wool Worths!

The forgotten treasures of Gen-X childhood

so remember this as a child

Trapper Keeper... I so had this!!!!!!