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From clever gadgets to wildly improbable gizmo's, I wouldn't necessarily own these, but they are cool on some level.


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It is still wintery enough for this, right? Who am I kidding, have you seen the Northeast United States lately?

I always preferred the “freeform” Lego sets more than the “kits”, but these insect hacks made from all sort of specialized parts and techniques are very impressive.

CES features new gadgets and technology that make every geek drool, but finally, something we can all use… a giant mechanical spider vehicle! Do they make this in a hundred-foot tall version?

Although the designers cite the “the feathers of Metatron” as inspiration, this building looks like something straight out of a Gibson-esque vision of Cyberpunk metropolis. It is not without a certain beauty, but it is really hard to look at.

33 Mackenzie Tower, Cyberpunk Architecture - Did Ya See?

I like to imagine this would be what would happen if Dr. Octopus and Spiderman had a love-child… in The Matrix. Video after the cut.

At first glance I thought this was just an elegantly designed dock, but looking more closely I noticed it also stands upright with incoming calls. It even includes an integrated speaker. No word on availability or other phone models it supports, however.

Rock or wall climbing is a lot of fun and has not shortage of enthusiasts, but like many forms of exotic exercise, you have to go to a special facility or location to engage it. The Treadmill wall, while not small or cheap, at least removes that obstacle.

Treadwall Brings the Climbing Experience Home - Did Ya See?

Has the cost of flash memory really dropped to the point where we can (or want) to be dumping them like this? If memory serves, when CD/DVD dropped to this point, it was the sign that the writing was on the wall for that format. At least with normal thumb drives they are reasonably durable and reusable.

Adapters... you're doing it right!

I’m starting to see more and more of these inflatable tent concepts. Given the wear and tear I see on materials like aluminum and carbon-fiber supported tents, not to mention the physics of cold/hot air volume, I’m not completely confident on these designs for backcountry use, but I am excited about people and companies willing to experiment with new designs and technologies.

The optical drive may be dying off according to some, but I still get quite a lot of mileage off of mine and would hate to see it go.  Not sure this will work in slot-fed drives, but I love the ingenuity of this stowaway mouse for laptop users.

The modern cyclist can have several power-hungry gadgets, not just lights but phones, music players, GPS devices and more.  All those batteries can really add up, but you have a high-speed potential generator right beneath you all the time so why not take advantage of it?

This minuscule gryocopter breaks from the mold of remote helicopters that are essentially just scaled down from traditional copters. Instead, it incorporates designs from modern unmanned vehicles, and although you won’t find spy-tech or weapons on it, it looks like a lot of fun for a surprisingly reasonable price.

What an incredible concept, solar powered, potentially antonymous machine that could be used to build large, architectural structures.  Imagine these establishing basecamps for research, building infrastructure in remote or dangerous areas or even used in extra-terrestrial projects.

Not all of us were born nearly super-human swimming prodigies that subsequently trained to the peak of human ability.  Nor do we possess Atlantean heritage.  So what are our options? Why, technology of course... last refuge of the lazy but clever.

On one hand, as a Transformer fan from way back, I love seeing neat toys, themed technology but on the other hand... Ravage was one of the bad guys and really can't be trusted lurking around your USB ports.  ;-)

My passion for ironing has been documented elsewhere, so it shouldn't surprise any of my friends that any news about advances in ironing technology or technique will garner undo (as far as more reasonable folk are concerned) attention from me.

Futuristic Ironing from Dyson - Did Ya See?

The folks at Hammacher Schlemmer are practically DARING you to commute to work in these things or at least raise the technological bar at your roller derby games.

I don't carry any iDevices around these days (a lonely iPod Touch sits at home for mobile testing), but I do frequently need a micro USB and have enough iPhone friends that this MIGHT be a nice addition to the kit.  If they could also work in a mini USB, it'd be an instant sale.

I love the cleverness of this design.  Storing the extra sockets and ratchet heads in the handle reduces the need for a bulky external case (which inevitable gets lost) and lets you have several sizes quickly at hand while working on a project.

  • Leslie Sharr
    Leslie Sharr

    I have one with spare screw blades and small drills - very handy when moving and putting in wall anchors.

I think this is just conceptual tech, but nice, nonetheless.

These amazing works of Szymon Klimek are simply stunning. The novelty of movement, elegance of design and whimsy of mechanics and art are hypnotic.  Video after the cut.

Always longed to film underwater video documentaries and research, but terrified of all the stuff down there just waiting to eat hapless humans?

I really can't get enough of these, but I really am starting to wish we'd see some of these reach final, commercial, reliable and affordable markets.  Aside from the obvious uses in developing areas, they could be huge in the outdoor creation community and emergency preparedness situations.

... and once SkyNet takes them over, they'll be front line soldiers in the war on humans.  At least dad will get some rest this Father's Day though.

  • Nicole Ann
    Nicole Ann

    Lol this is awesome!