Lifted, A Look at Airport Typography | Editorial Design

Not sure how in-depth this goes about the actual signage and typography used in airports, but the layout is engaging! Lifted: A Look at Airport Typography by Sally Carmichael

Haunt Issue 8 | Designing digital work on paper | Rebecca Hawkes Diary

Designing digital work on paper

Latvian photographer De’Dele, who is studying in the UK at UCA, creates images full of character, mystery and creativity. De’Dele is set to make a big impact whilst she gains recognition due to her individual and thought-provoking shots.

This is a very strong design conceptually and uses imagery / illustration to its advantage with how it is pouring out of the container.

African Wildlife News by Jeremy Murray

(+) Great use of bold contrast by juxtaposing black&white with bright orange (+) Very evocative images (-) Hand drawn type creates a sort of messy appearance