Nursery Rhyme Theme

Nursery Rhyme Theme

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Just print and go with these BINGO pages. 10 different pages for your students. You can call out letters or letter sounds and have your students ...

Nursery Rhyme Bingo


Baa Baa Colorful Sheep

Reinforce the nursery rhyme, Jack Be Nimble, with this fun One-and-Done project! The students love substituting their own names for Jack as they jump over a candlestick that we bring in from home - unlit, of course!

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As we enjoyed our Fairy Tale Crafts video so much, we thought we would get together and do a Nursery Rhyme Crafts and Activities video too! By nursery rhymes, I mean poems and songs – basically any poems or songs that make your childhood special. The children had a great time exploring Nursery Rhymes through …

Nursery Rhyme Activities and Crafts - Red Ted Art's Blog

Get a printable letter book of nursery rhymes and songs for letter R. Free!

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Free Jack Be Nibmle -

3 Dinosaurs - Jack Be Nimble Pack

Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes - If you are looking for an engaging rhyming activity or game, this is for you! Using pictures/words from familiar fairy tales and nursery rhymes, children match the rhyme while playing dominoes. A rhyming pairs check sheet is included so the game becomes an independent center activity so the child can monitor his own learning.

Fairy Tale and Nursery Rhyme Rhyming Dominoes

***FREE*** Two nursery rhymes foldable booklets – Jack and Jill, and Baa Baa Black Sheep in b/w. Children cut out entire page, and fold as directed into booklet form. Each rhyme can also be cut into four separate pictures, and used as sequence cards.

Nursery Rhymes Foldable Booklets FREE

Free Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater Pack -

Free Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater Pack | 3 Dinosaurs

Nursery Rhymes - Ten Frame Page - FREE

Nursery Rhymes - Ten Frame Page - Freebie

Kathy Griffin's Teaching Strategies: Itsy Bitsy Spider Language Fun

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Worksheets: Find the Letter J: Jack Be Nimble

Find the Letter J: Jack Be Nimble

humpty dumpty

Mrs. Wood's Kindergarten Class: nursery rhymes

Itsy bitsy spider water play- up the water spout, washed the spider out

Itsy bitsy spider water play

The Three Little Kittens LOST their alphabet mittens … playful learning activities from PlayDrMom

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Hey Diddle Diddle -

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Humpty Dumpty Sequence

Kindergarten Nana


Kindergarten Nana

multicraftingmummy: Baa Baa Sponge Sheep

multicraftingmummy: Baa Baa Sponge Sheep


Nursery Rhyme Activities and Crafts - Red Ted Art's Blog

Humpty Dumpty ideas

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17 Fun Crafts To Bring Nursery Rhymes To Life

17 Fun Crafts To Bring Nursery Rhymes To Life | Spoonful

11 Nursery Rhyme Sheets

123 Homeschool 4 Me: Nursery Rhymes Tot Series {free printables}

Printable nursery rhyme worksheets are one of the literacy tools that help children to learn rhymes well. Here I selected 6 well-known NURSERY RHY...

Nursery Rhymes Worksheets

Graph your class' favorite nursery rhyme! Check out my Nursery Rhyme clip art too! Clip Art was hand drawn by myself. All graphics may be used...

Nursery Rhyme Graph