how you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you - I want to remember this as I go through my everyday, and make people feel happy and loved. That is what I want people to remember.

Story of my life. "I just wanna go on more adventures Be around good energy Connect with people Learn new things Grow"

Big life changes . . .

Inspiration_"Making a big life change is pretty scary."_I believe in living your dreams!


its about time. i have spent the past 21 years of my life doing what other people want, specifically the last 3 years. it is about time I DO WHAT I WANT.

goals and dreams. quotes and advice. wisdom. life lessons. motivation. determination. - Such a scary realisation!!!!! #chasingdreams

If You Don't Build Your Dreams, Someone Else Will Hire You To Help Build Theirs Inspiring Quote by Tony Gaskin

40 ways to Stay Creative http://www.layerform.com/40-ways-stay-creative-infographic/

40 Ways to Stay Creative: Being and staying creative is important in all areas of your work and personal life. Everyone can be creative in any type of job and situation.


INFP- And in noticing, my later reaction may be to shut people out. They may never know why and I feel bad for that. Oh well.


Anything you have to manipulate to get is rarely yours to keep. Even more true: Whomever you have to manipulate to get is never yours to begin with.

Give love and you get love back.

My mothers favorite saying. This makes me think of people who always speak the "karma" quote. Maybe, it's you, not them who should be saying karma's name. Think about it! So true!


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