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Granite Mountain, Prescott

We're back to work on the next client project(s). It could be a while before we return to the Prescott area. Time for the Airstream to roll again!

Vintage Airstream

The Airstreams have left the building - The Airstream Chronicles

December 15th Sunrise

Dear Theneeds Community, we are thrilled to announce that Theneeds has joined Shopkick, the mobile shopping companion that helps users save money and get rewarded.

Double Rainbow over the dells

The Arizona Sky is something to see, especially during monsoon season. But if your luck, the Arizona Sky will put on a show even out of monsoon season!

A cloud wall above the Granite Dells a few nights ago

A cloud wall above the Granite Dells a few nights ago

From Hovenweep National Monument!

From Hovenweep National Monument!

Hiking Along the Aletsch Glacier: Switzerland Wonderland

I had my first encounter with the Aletsch Glacier in the Jungfrau region. This time, I chose the Aletsch Arena, a mountain resort overlooking the glacier in the Swiss Alps-