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DIY wood plank table

I like the idea for kitchen counter. (AW) DIY wood plank kitchen table picture step by step ~ would also be really really awesome for kitchen counters! Stained black with high gloss protectant over them.

The Nintoaster....someone made a toaster into a nintendo. You put the game and controllers in the bread slots and the lever is the power switch.

WTF is Nintoaster? Obvy a toaster made NES controller, duh. Goes along w/my Theme O' The Week: Sexy Toasters. Wait, it gets better.

Nintendo toaster!!

Check out this Nintendo Entertainment System Toaster… It’s one of the coolest video game inspired products to date. This is an actual retro Nintendo console that has been transformed into a fully oper

Effective Core Workouts For men » Best Core Exercises For Men

Plank - Is a stability exercise that trains your entire core, including your abdominal, lower-back, and hip muscles.

30day squat plank and crunches challenge

Being Beautiful and Pretty: 30 days squat,crunch and plank challenge

Burn Calories and Fat With These Beginner-Friendly Yoga Poses

You'll feel the thigh burn in this yoga-inspired Fierce Pose exercise. Stand with your legs together, and soften your knees. Reach your arms overhead, and touch your palms together as you fold your chest down toward your knees. Hold this position as