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Dilara Altuncu
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wood burning hot tub This is so awesome! Not only are they less expensive to purchase and maintain than your every day hot tub they are also much more fun. Very fitting for a country home setting :-)

This wood burning hot tub is so awesome! Less pricey to buy and maintain than your every day hot tub and also: WAY more fun. t i n y g o g o : Doug and Erin's wood-fired hot tub

The weathering steel on the exterior of these two house structures that make up a single home that will continue to age and weather over time, gradually blending in more with the landscape.

Here are 13 modern houses that are clad in weathering steel to create texture, add originality, and protect the house from the elements.

A Retired Mathematician Found An 1830s Cabin In The Woods. What He Did With It Is Perfection 12

a retired mathematician father found an old, rotting cabin, moved and restored it. The staircase has a great story behind it. A large oak tree fell on the family's property. They were upset and didn't know what to do with i.