My own clock tattoo

My own clock tattoo "Time won't tell" the quote I interperet from this beautiful artwork permanently tattooed on the skin

Wanted Tattoo | Realismo y Chicano.(Retratos)

Concept: Another example of realism of the compass and shading that I like.

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Full one sides arm piece! Black n grey only, skull design w/ rose and watch!

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Hyperrealism Compass Tattoo by Vladimir Drozdov -- not the tattoo but love the 'my way'

Tattoo by Niki Norberg at Wicked Tattoo in Göteborg, Sweden

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Want mine to say " u dont get the minutes back or to redo those minutes with skull on top & bleeding heart in top part of hourglass

black and white japanese sleeve tattoos - Szukaj w Google

A well detailed and handsome looking sleeve tattoo. The details on the compass are simply stunning as well as how the map was drawn and the coordinates of the journey ahead. It makes you want to go on an adventure and into the seas.

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>Resultado de imagem para clock tattoo designs More< Perfect for making something beautiful out of something ugly

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Because of its ancient heritage,the compass holds a special place in the world of tattoos. Originally used in sea navigation, the compass may find itself on .