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General Pinterest..

Soooo impressed with Pinterest, its just awesome, an assault on the senses. There almost too much cool stuff to categorize so here's some general stuff that caught my eye : )

General Pinterest..

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Parenting WIN.

Mark Twain

The element of surprise..

Simon Pegg on being a geek..

Things James Bond taught me.

Great project, but makes you wonder when life got so complex...

A breathtaking entrance to Dubai..

The romance and mystery of Venice

Russians working out on a 500 meter high tower. Look that's all very impressive, but seriously GET DOWN FROM THERE YOU A$$HOLES! : )


some advice..

sooo true.

people power..

Welcome to my little space between spaces on-line. Here you'll be subjected to my various interests and things that have caught my eye. You'll be tumbling through a maelstrom of comics, movies, technology, news, outer space, geekery, and sci-fi. Hmmm maybe I should apologise in advance :-)

LOL : )

So true..


Have a great day with the one you love : )

Just the epitome of cool : )


Prince rockin' - Awesome..

Star wars guitar

Social media explained..

i love this message

Dr Who- inspired corset!