Terra Cotta Stacked Flower Pots

How to Make a Terracotta Pot Flower Tower with Annuals

How to Make A Terra Cotta Pot Flower Tower (or Crooked Tower) with Annuals - Perfect for limited spaces - an apartment or condo; home w/ small or no yard; deck, patio, porch or outside front door. Works well with fragrant herbs or a mix of flowers & herbs

Smoldering cat eye

INSPIRATION :: Sunset Eye :: Love how the winged line is actually purple shadow that fades to pink & gold. Even tho I think the bottom lashes are lined w/ black, it almost appears to be a dark or duochrome teal.BECCA DOES IT BETTER!


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fairy garden and windows

Where does your garden gnome live? Ours lives in a tree, just beyond this garden gnome door Sometimes I can see him looking out of little garden gnome window on his tree. These days he always looks happy.

Short Dark Pixie Hair

I fell in love with Ariane Davis’ hair from episode 1 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta! Her look is very consistent and she knows what type of hair style works for her. Is Love & Hip …

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Blonde Ombre (hair color idea)--need to lighten up the bottom of my hair a bit.might be too blonde for me.

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Fairy Door by kimbery

These are my favorite fairy gnome doors. If you don’t know, gnome doors go on trees and fairy doors go on fairy houses. These are all made by painting rocks and coating them in polyurethane to make them weatherproof.

We used to have something just like this!


Oohh, steps, miniature door in a "tree trunk" doable for a fairy garden. Implies inhabitant without showing the inhabitant. I'm going to find a tree in my yard to do this.

Nashville Nostalgia Belted Ruffle Dress in Mint Picked by Best Fashion Magazine Style Prom Dresses


Cute idea for creating a magical backyard. love the rock path.Faerie doors Fairy Doors Gnome Doors Elf Doors 55 by NothinButWood

Cute Dresses | High Low Dress | Teal and White

Online clothing store with cute dresses.love this dress! If you're getting married on the beach or something.

I love this dress

How to Dress for Point Days

Fairy Gardens Archives - Page 33 of 866 - DIY Fairy Gardens

Magical Fairy Gardens - how to make your own fairy garden. Love this idea, especially around the trees in butterfly garden.

Mint green and white beautiful dress really cool and really really awesome :) everyone wants one of these

80 Cute Summer Outfits Ideas for teens for 2016

Suvh a pretty color pop but i have enough strapless dresses i dont wear. Make your Spring/Summer wardrobe pop with this strapless elastic teal and white party dress

those would be adorable bridesmaids dresses, they could easily wear these over and over

this would look super cute against my tan complected skin I chose this because I love the color blue! And I love coloured lace so much

Lenz | Florence Griswold Museum | Flickr

♧ Charming Fairy Cottages ♧ garden faerie gnome elf houses miniature furniture - fae house-in-a-tree