LOVE this movie!!!

Never has so much ass been kicked with a frying pan. My favorite Disney princess. SHE saves this prince. I love this movie!


Day 2 Disney Challenge: MY favorite Disney Princess is Rapunzel but Belle is a close second. I would say Elsa but she is a queen, not a princess


Hilarious Photos of Disney Characters Caught Taking Selfies. But this is the cutest couple, animated selfie!

Flynn and Rapunzle -- Tangled

Flynn and Rapunzel --tangled.I love Flynn Ryder.He is cute for a cartoon character


*ADOPTED on by Mera Whiterose* This is Tessie. She loves to bake and is usually happy. She is Of course you will have to adopt her pet chameleon too. She is always bringing animals home, but this she is most attached to her chameleon.


I've always loved how Pascal is always there for Rapunzel. I want my hair cut like hers