Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver

Walk across this bridge! The Capilano Suspension Bridge crosses the Capilano River in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The current bridge is 136 metres ft) long and 70 metres ft) above the river.


Neon as art, why not? I customized my 'You Only Live Once' sign {image below} in a project recently and now my attention is on Neon- I'm s.

Grand Canyon, AZ., I can't wait to go back this summer!

Proshots - Toroweap Overlook at Sunset, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona - Professional Photos

Crater Lake in OR I can't wait to go here

Crater Lake is a caldera lake in the Crater Lake National Park (Oregon, USA). It's known for water clarity and a deep blue color. Crater Lake partly fills a deep caldera which was formed ages ago by the collapse of the Mount Mazama volcano.

Yosemite National Park

Grass covered rocks in river with cliffs in the background. Yosemite National Park by Jim Erickson

Places to visit

Our planet is a wonderful place and there are countless gems like the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, for us to appreciate and preserve. The Plitvice Lakes National Park was granted UNESCO World Heritage status in