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I'm a Good Man Regardless of What I Pray

The primary goal of the Baha’i Faith – world unity – wasn’t dreamed up by the Baha’is recently. It came directly from Baha’u’llah.

If you're not hard on yourself, Life will be hard on you.

If you're not hard on yourself, Life will be hard on you. If you are hard on yourself, life will be soft on you. If you are soft on yourself, life will be.

Goddess In Disguise

3 Tips How to Make Your Wife Feel Like She is The Only Girl in The World? Romantic relationships just like anything else in life take effort.

Move it or lose it.

Portable Gaming UnitTake your Xbox or Xbox One anywhere you go with your very own personal gaming unit. The unit holds your console and folds out into a complete gaming area, equipped with headphone jacks and a 19 inch TV monitor!

Corrupt and Shady

Corrupt and ShadyAugust Big Headed Bandit ™

We Are All Gods Children Equal Under One Roof

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Golden State Warriors, Big