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    Community board: See it. Snap it.

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    B2C Content Marketing Infograph | Here are some additional content marketing tools: www.customerinsig...

    Shanghai Fashion Week | CHRISTOPHE TERZIAN

    Catalyst (Rochester, New York) Introduces Faster, Easier Version of CatalystLSM™, the CRM Platform for Franchisers and Independent Retailers to Manage Multichannel Market

    Sélection des meilleurs tatoueurs de France et de Navarre !

    6 Online Image Resources for Your Blog

    Key Elements of Successful Customer Loyalty ProgramsDo loyalty programs really work? Can a loyalty program change customer’s purchase behavior and get them to spend more money with a company? Can loyalty programs reduce the likelihood that customers will move their business to a competitor? The answer to all three questions is yes. There is, as you would guess a caveat. #loyalty #customerloyaltyprogram

    Study: 62% of Millennials Feel Online Content Drives Brand LoyaltyA recent study revealed that 62% of millennials feel online content drives brand loyalty and 32% find today’s brand communications helpful.The study, called The Millennial Mind: How Content Drives Brand Loyalty, revealed that content must be educational, truthful and personalized to influence brand loyalty and purchase behaviors in this age group. The study surveyed more than 500 U.S. millennials in Oct. 2014, to obtain

    Marketing Segmentation Gives Marketers an Edge in the Market PlaceToday, more than ever before, marketers recognize the need for targeted marketing. Consumers receive so many messages on a daily basis that they are forced to quickly identify and filter out irrelevant messages. Marketers are now left with the tough job of quickly enticing an individual before they decide the message is not worth their time. #marketing #segmentation

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    Everything your small business needs to know about DUNS. ... every business SHOULD have one of these! --> FG Blog

    Office Etiquette for Modern Times - 20 Common Mistakes

    Light bulb+terrarium=awesome wedding decor!

    Glitter bomb

    These workers travel the country, sightseeing and staying overnight in RV parks while laboring in low-wage temp jobs—and at least some of them love the lifestyle.

    Forget Resolutions, What’s Your “Beautiful Question” For 2015? | Co.Design | business + design

    38 Different Ways to Make Coffee >> www.finedininglov...

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    Affiche Nouveau One Woman Show de Karine Dubernet, au Point Virgule (Paris) à partir du 18 janvier 2015 !

    By auditing your loyalty program, you can fortify your value proposition, build loyalty, differentiate yourself from the competition while increasing customer share, and improving bottom line results.

    Google+ Stats Marketers Need to Know Google+ has been growing at a surprising rate and has become powerful social media channel because of its increasing influence on search rankings. If you still haven’t jumped on board and taken advantage of everything this network has to offer here are some stats you should consider. (Click image to read article.) If you are new to social media or you’re looking for benchmarks to know if you’re on track, our Social Media Resource Guide will help

    Facebook Announces New Streamlined Layout for Pages. www.customerinsig...

    Time to Overhaul Your Loyalty Program? 7 Steps to Long-Term Success A loyalty program is not something that you do once, flip a switch and set it on autopilot. If you’re not regularly reviewing and refining your customer loyalty program then you may be long overdue for a loyalty program audit. #loyaltymarketing

    Facebook Stats Social Media Marketers Need to Know Facebook is constantly evolving and its algorithm is always getting updated. How can you be sure your keeping up with the changes? We’ve pulled together the most up-to-date insights and Facebook stats to help you transform and refine your Facebook strategy. (Click image to read article.)

    Why Money Can’t Buy Customer Loyalty! Loyalty starts long before your customer buys anything. Proper planning and goal setting is key for the development of every consumer-facing initiative. Customer Insight Group is an industry leader in rewards programs and customer loyalty strategy and we can help. Check out our Loyalty Blog: