leaf eggs - oh on our blue eggs?

This year I made natural dye eggs using onions skin but I will show you next days. If you haven’t prepared the Easter eggs yet, here are some great ideas for naturally dyed eggs: Before head…

free download ~ treat bags @101woonideeën Dutch creative interior + D.I.Y. magazine

Vintage Easter treat bag printables turn a regular brown paper bag into a classy gift bag…I love these! There’s really no need to run out and spend money on wrapping supplies when you can do …

Can you believe rubber bands are responsible for these awesome eggs!

rubberband dyed eggs - dye egg in lightest color.wrap in rubber bands.dye in next color.rewrap in bands dy in color

Beeswax egg candle tutorial

DIY Egg candles made with blown out eggs- our refined beeswax makes lovely off white eggs that almost look real!

Flower Root Children Procession order:   1. snow white - Snowdrop 2. yellow - yellow star of Bethlehem 3. sky blue - Forget me not 4. pink – pink daisy or aster 5. violet – violet 6. yellow - dandelion 7. red - columbine 8. white – daisy 9. yellow - cowslip 10. blue - hepatica 11. white - lily of the valley 12. pink - anemone 13. red - poppy 14. blue - cornflower 15. peach or cream - red clover 16. violet – bluebell

Illustration by Sibylle von Olfers from "When The Root Children wake Up". The root children wake up and make spring.

root family

Inspired by my favorite childrens book The Story of the Root Children , I asked Mel from Etsy's if she could make felted charac.