This *Chi Girl is Ready for Bed in her Pink P.'s, but, If that Door Bell Rings, the *Chi Girl is ready to take Flight, with the exerted *Might !

Always works for me!

When in all else fails.Hug the Dog For the home of a dog lover, this handcrafted funny sign is on a worn painted finish with doggie prints. Wonderful advice to make you feel better.

Martini Chihuahua

Chihuahua in a martini glass. My mother named our second Chihuahua, Martini, because she could fit in a martini glass.

Silver Lab

Silver Labrador: I usually don't pin animals. But, I think i'd love to have a silver lab. We have a white lab now.I think I like unusual animals haha- Beautiful! I have never seen a lab this color!

LOVE !!!!

Oops… I tripped and fell into AWESOME (32 photos)

jhameia: “ Image: a seal and a penguin. The seal’s face is turned upward, so the penguin can lean back against it. Across the penguin’s chest is the seal’s flipper hugging the penguin close.

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