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Thibaut Bachelier: Patrick Seymour

Not cut paper, but a great example of cross contour. Faces by Patrick Seymour In his series entitled Faces, designer Patrick Seymour from Montreal Canada uses bold lines and symmetry to create some striking line art illustrations.

thecwst: “ Animals Drawn with Moiré Patterns ”                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

This beautiful series of animal illustrations by Milan-based designer Andrea Minini began as a design experiment to obtain complex shapes and depth starting with just a few lines. Using Adobe Illustrator

= @SingleFin_                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Line- the different lengths and widths placed by each other composes an image of a woman's figure. By placing lines at various distances from one another, the image gets more structure and gives the illusion of a body. A variation in width gives more dime


New York-based artist Maude White is back with some new meticulously crafted paper illustrations. Believe it or not, but these awe-inspiring paper cuttings

La Sculpture sur Papier de Parth Kothekar (6)

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Vaisselle animaux.

amazing bespoke art dinner service a ceramic to give the wow factor to any dining table Yvonne Ellen gives forgotten vintage housewares a new lease on life by applying animal illustrations across matching dinner and side plates.

Horloge Inception

Horloge Inception- My gosh, I want it so much!