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Lambing live on the farm this Easter | Discover Animals

Planning on having some lamb. I haven& decided what kind yet or how to cook it. Toronto Greek BBQ style Korean BBQ style Chinese BBQ style I just don& know, yet. I will make a video of what you recommend and send over a personal thank you from me to you.

Maned wolf pups for Paignton Zoo | Discover Animals

Paignton Zoo’s South American Maned Wolves are rearing a litter of three pups! This is the first litter for the pair. The male, Tolock, arrived at Paignton Zoo in September 2016 from Katowice Zoo in Poland, where he was born.

Paradise welcomes Britain's first jaguar cub | Discover Animals

Adorable footage captures Britain's only jaguar cub cuddling up to her proud mother just days after her birth. The tiny spotted cat has yet to be named and is said to be thriving at Paradise Wildlife Park.