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With fall setting in, we thought we would share the hottest colors and patterns for this season. This fall we're crazy about natural, organic earth tones and materials such as forest greens and slate greys mixed with materials of silver, leather, and hide. To enhance this look we suggest using bright pops of color to create a soft, rich look and feel. Our favorite pops of color this season are butterscotch orange, rust or wine reds, and chestnut or saddle browns.
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a white light hanging from the ceiling with a cord in it's center and two lights on each side
Piece-Makers | Stalls
Piece-Makers | Ceramic Light-Shade Cream or Charcoal
a green glass bottle with a metal stopper
Antique Seltzer Bottles-Diseño
These vintage authentic seltzer bottles from Argentina make great bar-ware decoration. Many unique designs available. For decorative purposes only. 12" tall. Call for current stock as they go fast!
a stack of blankets sitting on top of a wooden floor
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Pampa naturally dyed handwoven rugs, ethical & sustainable, made with love in Argentina.
a living room filled with furniture and paintings on the wall above it's coffee table
Margo Selby
Decorate your home in bold color + modern patterns. Intricate woven textiles designed by Margo Selby for west elm add bright pops of color with pillows, rugs, upholstery + more.
three brown towels folded on top of each other
Chocolate brown shearling throw
two white towels folded on top of each other
White shearling throw
a white area rug is shown on the floor
Angora goat skin throw rug
Alpaca fur pillows Pillows, Fur Pillows, Fur Pillow, Alpaca
Alpaca fur pillows
a brown furry pillow sitting on top of a white wall
Alpaca fur pillows
four rings are sitting on top of a white surface, one is silver and the other is brown
Jewelry of silver and horn
two silver necklaces with black and white beads
Jewelry of silver and horn
four animal print rings sitting on top of a table
Jewelry made with hide.
a room with brick walls and various items on the floor, including a chair, mirror, and framed pictures
Decorating with gold tones.