Disney Queens are so much better than Disney Princesses.

Disney Queens What about Elsa ans Ana's mom I know she died but so did the queen of Atlantis

I actually don't make this face, I just assume people understand and when they don't I get depressed.

My face when someone understand my fandom. Lord of the Rings

So...where did Gimli go?

Funny pictures about Legolas and Gimli. Oh, and cool pics about Legolas and Gimli. Also, Legolas and Gimli.

Costume details from Frozen.

Has anyone else realized that Elsa is now wearing shoes made of ice? I think it's pretty cool, Cinderella has glass slippers, Elsa had frozen slippers!

And of course the centre of the Marvel Universe is...

The Marvelverse: that awkward moment where Chris Evans is both Captain America and the Human Torch. I say awesome. How many other people can say they play two Marvel superheroes?

The Royals of Mirkwood.

Thranduil: um, that's his mother's side showing. Legolas: Dad, I'm pretending I have a motorcycle, okay?<<<hahaha it's almost like tauriel is riding behind Legolas on the motorcycle.

Anna from Frozen.

The newest Disney Princess, Princess Anna. I need to read more about her movie, Frozen. - fan made poster but adorable

The 4th Doctor is something amazing.

How I felt when I first started watching Doctor Who.<<< How everyone feels when they start watching Doctor Who.

Elsa from Frozen, This really shows the details on her sleeves.

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