Update your kitchen window with a tension rod from @byjillee

25 Crazy Creative Uses For Tension Rods - One Good Thing by Jillee


Tweet Home Maintenance Checklist by Lennar Homes is a simple easy list to follow for basic requirements to keep your property up to par. A new home is a substantial investment for most homeowners. ...

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If you can't budget, this is the best way I've seen to stick to a budget! It's genius!

The Best Budget System When You Can't Budget - Cow Country Housewife


The Easiest Way To Transfer VHS Tapes To Your Computer

The Easiest Way To Transfer VHS Tapes To Your Computer


genius essential oil tip #5 (of 31)-- Ready to have your mind blown? check out this GENIUS ESSENTIAL OIL TIP Put a few drops of essential oil on clothespins and clip them to the underside of all your floor vents. When your heating or air conditioning runs, air will flow over the clothespins and your whole house will smell great! Refresh with more drops of essential oil as needed. BRILLIANT!!

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Mix water with Elmers glue and brush the inside of the mason jars. Add glitter of your choice to the inside of the jars, and roll/spin the jar around until the glitter coats the sides. Let dry and add a tea light! by lorid54

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Stockpiling does not mean hoarding. Check out these Realistic Stockpiling Tips to help save money for your family. It's not extreme, it's smart!

Realistic Stockpiling Tips - Mission: to Save


Extend the life of your refrigerator by cleaning the coils every 6 months. Learn how at TidyMom.net

Refigerator Problems


Dave Ramsey's Recommended Budget Percentages

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Step outside of your comfort zone. Our personal stylists will help you find the perfect outfit. Style your curves at Dia&Co.

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How to soften butter quickly - this is so smart! Must try.

Smart Hacks - Page 25 of 27 - Smart School House


Handy Infograph How To Make Half Of A Recipe

How To Make Half Of A Recipe


20 Popular Pinterest Tips That Are Bold-Faced Lies We're not just doing them wrong! So good to see some of these "life hacks" debunked.

20 Popular Pinterest Tips That Are Bold-Faced Lies


This is really cool! Put in your measurements and find your body type and how to dress it..pinning now to do later

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Hier is hoe je nu eigenlijk schoon uw Walgelijk Phone

Here's How To Actually Clean Your Disgusting Phone


fix a clogged dyson vacuum

Fix a Clogged Cordless Dyson


Spring into your new smile for up to 70% less than other invisible aligners with SmileDirectClub. See how it works and get started with your free smile assessment and risk-free evaluation today!

SmileDirectClub: Invisible Aligners Done at Home


Simplify your life with these Life Hacks you won’t believe you didn’t know by DIY Ready at http://diyready.com/21-life-hacks-you-wont-believe

21 Life Hacks You Won't Believe DIY Ready


A "side hustle" doesn't have to mean you're always selling things to make some extra money! I really hate selling things to people, so I was so glad to find these non-sales-y ways to make money. In the first month, I was able to pay for groceries for my family of five for a month just off of my side hustles! Now, I can even pay for more! Here are my 5 favorite side hustles! #5 is obviously my favorite!

5 Side Hustles That Pay For My Groceries (and More!) - Cow Country Housewife


How I Add $225 Extra Income EVERY Month - Need to add some extra money to your bank account each month? I add $225 (or more) EVERY. Single. Month! How? Just 6 EASY steps each day and I'm going to show you how you can do it too!

How I Add $225 (or More!) Extra Income EVERY Month! | Adventures in Coupons


1000 Life Hacks

Check out this life hack!


How to start a budget... When you suck at budgeting. This was so perfect for me! I get so overwhelmed with a budget. Stuff always comes up last minute and we go over it every time. This answered so many of my questions. Loved it!

How to Start a Budget (When You Suck at Budgeting) - The Busy Budgeter


Omg. Where have you been all my life?!?!?

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Hook and Chain Cord Hanger: for storing bulky extension cords and more! #DIY #organization

Clutter-Busting Strategies For Every Room


The secret to insane planter growth. One ingredient for impressive plants - so easy!

Wednesday Watch List - Update Edition - Life On Virginia Street