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The Frozen Sing-Along Edition will be available on DVD & Digital HD November 18.


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On March 13, it's the perfect day for a new Frozen treat. Watch the new trailer for Frozen Fever only in theatres with Cinderella!

  • Regan Perkins
    Regan Perkins

    Is it really going to be a real movie?

  • Magdalena

    @Regan Perkins no...I wish it was but it will be a short.

Frozen Sister Bracelets.

  • Gracie Hunsel
    Gracie Hunsel

    DISNEY look on my Art board and you'll find this thing (if u scroll down) called Brinly the "not so princess-like" princess. I didn't make it, but it looks like a really good idea and I'd love to see it be a movie. It'd also make the person who made the idea so happy, so hopefully u find them. I think the pin tells u where the root of the pin started. Please and thanks! :)

Anna and Elsa's Winter Solstice Soup.

Elsa's Snowflake Matching Game.

Frozen Princess Capes.

Gingerbread Olaf Cookies.

Help your kids this weekend complete these fun Frozen Sing-along activities.

Disney Frozen Sing-along Coloring Sheet

Happy Easter

  • 💙Carolina💛

    Do you know about Jelsa, Disney?

  • Δ B£||a tann£R Δ
    Δ B£||a tann£R Δ

    So are you going to make a sequel to this? :/

Are you going to watch Frozen this weekend?

  • Nina


  • Bethany Grace
    Bethany Grace

    Lol I watched it a couple of times this weekend! I think I know every word now….

  • Abbie Chapman
    Abbie Chapman


  • Annabeth Brooke
    Annabeth Brooke

    I would rather watch a fish swim around in circles.

  • kadie moreno
    kadie moreno


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Is your personality most like Elsa’s? Find out:

What is Your Disney Personality Type? | Oh My Disney
  • Emily Valdez
    Emily Valdez

    Im isfp

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor


  • Madison K
    Madison K


  • Lacy Eichler
    Lacy Eichler


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Let's go bring back summer! Fight the freeze and enter for your chance to win a vacation for 4 to Disney Aulani in Hawaii:

Give those who are worth melting for the best Easter gift this year:

Make tonight a family night and create a Mama Mary's Gourmet Pizza Crusts pizza and watch Disney’s Frozen on Blu-ray Combo Pack!

  • ❄ Savannah&Georgia ❄
    ❄ Savannah&Georgia ❄

    i think the music doesnt annoy me because ipersonaly love music and th songs i feel like w/out music life would be plain and i have many sisters and this was a sister love so i have connections w/this movie and i feel like i've been in the shoes of anna's isolation but id still give my life 4 my sisiters so the sister bond got to me but then again thats just me

  • kadie moreno
    kadie moreno

    want to buy it

  • Debra Clouse-Smith
    Debra Clouse-Smith

    I have this one. I love it! My favorite movie!

  • Debra Clouse-Smith
    Debra Clouse-Smith

    I watch it every day! Over and over again

  • Debra Clouse-Smith
    Debra Clouse-Smith


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Share this if you have already watched Frozen once this week.

  • Kara Prorok
    Kara Prorok

    Maybe yesterday ❄️⛄️

  • Michelle Zacche
    Michelle Zacche

    More like every night before bed since it came out on DVD

  • HU Designs
    HU Designs

    Hey Check out for frozen themed birthdays invitations...thank you cards coming soon

Buy Frozen and get the soundtrack for just $7.00. Click here for more details:

  • Panda Olson
    Panda Olson

    Didn't load to my iTunes : (

  • Annabeth Brooke
    Annabeth Brooke

    Now everyone is singing Let it Go now. Thanks. I love headaches. NOT! I hate headaches.

  • Panda Olson
    Panda Olson

    Still doesn't work or load in my iTunes : - ( I paid for nothing. Bummed .... Thanks for reminding me

#DidYouKnow: 80 percent of the Earth’s fresh water is frozen in the form of ice or snow.

“I guess I was wrong. I guess Kristoff doesn’t love you enough to leave you behind.” - Olaf

Have you bought the Frozen soundtrack yet? Download it on iTunes:

  • Ruby Gloom
    Ruby Gloom

    Hello, Disney! Where can I find a way to email you? Also, it has to do with something really important to me, so is there any guarantee that you'll read what I send you?

#DidYouKnow: Several members of the Frozen production team traveled to a Quebec ice hotel that served as inspiration for Elsa’s ice palace.

  • Karine Forget
    Karine Forget

    I didn't know that! I live in Quebec #so happy to learn this!!!!

“The Movie Will be Watched For Generations” -Marc S. Allen CBS/CW Get your copy today!

Enter your Frozen Blu-ray™ Combo Pack Code, or purchase Frozen through Disney Movies Anywhere and unlock this pull-apart Olaf plush offer! Get details:

  • Delina Wille
    Delina Wille

    any idea's when these will start shipping? Super excited for mine!

  • Raven Mayne
    Raven Mayne

    If i only had the website link i would totally get one

Share if “Let It Go” is still stuck in your head.

  • isabella bevans
    isabella bevans

    frozen is the best disney movie ever made

  • Brittney Jenks
    Brittney Jenks

    It will not get out of my head but tht is perfectly fine with me, cause I luv it so much!

  • Fantage bff0511
    Fantage bff0511

    elsas magic is not supost to be purple and I see what you did with changing her color on the computer but still I think instead of purple magic I would like her better with blue ice not purple

  • Haley Bishop
    Haley Bishop

    it will forever be in my head. Frozen is one of the best disney movies EVER!

  • Haley Bishop
    Haley Bishop

    the animation is absolutly flawless

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What scene are you watching over and over now that you own Frozen?

  • Annabeth Brooke
    Annabeth Brooke

    None of the whole movie.

  • SusieQ

    everything and more

  • Haley Bishop
    Haley Bishop

    let it go, for the first time in forever reprise and do you wanna build a snowman

  • 🍓Iola🍓

    The first 10 minutes

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