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Books on ribbon embroidery and stumpwork books

Di van Niekerk's books

Books on ribbon embroidery and stumpwork books

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RES flower sampler by Di van Niekerk Still my favourite piece of all time. I am busy re-writing this RES book and a new version of the book will be available this year. Happy weekend everybody ♥

How to make stumpwork Hydrangeas | Di van Niekerk

♫♫♫ Hello everybody! I wish you a very happy weekend… May these beauties from Little Flowers inspire you to make beautiful things ♥

June 2014 | Di van Niekerk

Advance copies of 'Little Flowers in silk and organza ribbon' by Di Van Niekerk and Marina Zherdeva have just arrived at Search Press. Be the first to own a copy, and pre-order :)

Little Flowers in Ribbon Embroidery by Di van Niekerk,

Little Flowers in silk and organza ribbon by Di van Niekerk and Marina Zherdeva

Beautiful creations with silk ribbon | Di van Niekerk
  • maneki

    Love the cover, it's just gorgeous! Can't wait to get my hands on this one!

Di Van Niekerk's Roses in Silk and Organza Ribbon by Di van Niekerk,

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Silk Ribbon Roses by Olga Smirnova | Di van Niekerk

Live in the Kindle Store. Silk Ribbon Embroidery – a collaboration of artists ♫♥♫♥♫

Showcasing the work of silk ribbon artists from all over the world, it is an international collaboration of exquisite talent and skill.

The winners of the International Silk Ribbon Embroidery Competition 2012! The world’s best…..

My Amazon Author page

Good morning and Good news… my Roses book is now available in French ♥

Roses au ruban et en relief | Di van Niekerk

Dreamscapes in ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork

2. Dreamscapes | Di van Niekerk

A Perfect World in ribbon embroidery and stumpwork

3. Perfect World | Di van Niekerk

Flower Fairies™ in ribbon embroidery and stumpwork

4. Flower Fairies™ | Di van Niekerk

Monograms and words in ribbon embroidery and Embroidered Alphabets

5. Monograms | Di van Niekerk
  • kena kettlun
    kena kettlun

    me encanta es maravilloso

Ribbon embroidery and stumpwork

1. Res | Di van Niekerk

Roses in Silk and Organza Ribbon