Strut Your Style Pin and Win

Our Pin & Win has ended, but that doesn't mean you can't still get outfit ideas and inspiration from these stylish bloggers. Click any of the pins below to see their style guides!

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Strut Your Style Pin and Win

Strut Your Style Pin and Win

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We’ve rounded up the hottest spring trends of 2014 to keep you looking divine. Show off your style by pinning the look that inspires you the most and enter to win $500! Entry form and details here:

Divine Caroline
  • Chris McKenzie
    Chris McKenzie

    Thank you- and my wife thanks you!

  • Jenny Hunt
    Jenny Hunt

    Love the outfits. Would love to WIN!

  • Karen McKee
    Karen McKee

    These are all looks for 20-somethings. How about for 60-somethings?

  • Kelly Glover
    Kelly Glover

    I need to win a new outfit, haven't had one in over a year....

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SPORTY: You stay stylish while looking active! Just incorporate fuss-free fabrics and tomboy silhouettes. Don’t forget to enter to win $500 at

Sports Luxe | ShopDivine

SOUTHERN BELLE: Equal parts bright and demure colors, this look is all about whimsical prints. Think preppy and always ladylike. Don’t forget to enter to win $500 at

Southern Belle | ShopDivine
  • Carolyn Riedel
    Carolyn Riedel


  • carol kennison
    carol kennison

    stylish and comfortable

  • Lauren Berk
    Lauren Berk

    love the girly style. floral and femme is everything i love!

MOM CHIC: Fashion blends with function! Look like a million bucks while you’re keeping comfort in mind. Don’t forget to enter to win $500 at

Mom Chic | ShopDivine
  • Jenny Hunt
    Jenny Hunt

    Love the outfit

  • Kendra C.
    Kendra C.

    So cute

  • Melody Laabs Wallenfang
    Melody Laabs Wallenfang

    White T thats Me! ♥ this look!

  • John Deal
    John Deal

    This IS my daughter

  • Mamavalveeta03

    This could, and WILL, be my summer "uniform"!

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GLAM GIRL: Subtle and classically sexy, luxe fabrics and vibrant colors add bite to ladylike-cut pieces. Don’t forget to enter to win $500 at

Pinned from

GEEK CHIC: This trendy nerd style mixes beer-brewing hipster with valedictorian—think button-up shirts with a bright red lipstick. Don’t forget to enter to win $500 at

Geek Chic | ShopDivine

BEACH BABE: This carefree, summery style is totally bohemian—loose, flowy, and feminine—and perfect for sunbathing. Don’t forget to enter to win $500 at

Beach Babe | ShopDivine

CASUAL COOL: Channel the girl next door with a hint of tomboyish charm. This outfit looks put together, but like you didn’t try too hard. Don’t forget to enter to win $500 at

Casual Cool | ShopDivine
  • Jamie Steagall
    Jamie Steagall

    This screams me! Absolute casual perfection right here, I love it.

  • Kendra C.
    Kendra C.

    Love it

  • marta schipporeit
    marta schipporeit

    Week-end girl!

BOHO BABE: Incorporate casual cuts, laid-back prints, and tons of fringed accessories for an ultra-chill style that’s perfect for the local music scene. Don’t forget to enter to win $500 at

Boho Babe | ShopDivine
  • Amy Greenberg
    Amy Greenberg

    Love it!

PREPSTER: New York Fashion Week meets ivy-draped private school when vibrant, daring prints mix with traditional silhouettes. Don’t forget to enter to win $500 at

Prepster | ShopDivine
  • Beth Peterson
    Beth Peterson

    I have always been a little on the preppy side! Love this!!!

  • Cheri Johnson/Miller
    Cheri Johnson/Miller


ROCKER CHIC: THIS is the new rocker chic trend. One part vamp, two parts devil horns, with just a dash of flirty. Don’t forget to enter to win $500 at

Rocker Chic | ShopDivine
  • Claudia McGee
    Claudia McGee

    luv !