Things that remind me of my childhood- India in the 80's and 90's

Capturing the quirky and colorful set of cultural influences that surrounded our childhood.
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KADLEKAI. peanut sellers outside school!

FLAMES!!! i'm so glad I came across this page. Things that remind you of India in the 1990's. Does anyone remember this?

Nutties!! @Ryan Lobo Lobo just reminded me of these delicious chocolate nuts. If you bought the box, you'd have to open the tin foil with a knife or a folk!!. Nothing like the fresh smell of Nutties!

Remember the library "check out" card?

Reminds me of the giant blanket forts @Fazila Khan, Sheza, Asna and I built in our houses. Good times, must do for max

yup- that's exactly how we said the alphabet in LKG (lower kindergarten!)

Mysore Sandal Soap!

A bottle of Rooh Afza is a bottle of concentrated goodness. Filled with water lily and rose extracts, raisins, fruits and a whole lot of other exotic goodies. It’s best had with cold milk and one ice cube. This was often served to kids during birthday parties.

Holi. the festival of color. This s a great video by Variable. "The world is fascinating. People and cultures inspire us. Sadly, the fast paced lifestyles of our generation result in many not taking the necessary step back to soak in the existing world around us. Our goal with this film is to help viewers further appreciate and take notice of the beauty in life & culture that lies within our world..." Cant wait to show baby S Holi in India!

Vishu! Vikram and I would be woken up by nani at 4am , our living room would be decorated like this picture and had a huge mirror in the middle. With confusion and slight irritation , Vikram and I would be asked to then spit in nani's hand , make a wish into the mirror for the new year , wish the family and go back to bed. We were always amused and actually loved this little ritual we had at the Bhaskaran household. Thanks to Nani!

Oh i did !!

Khaled's Didi. @Madhavi Jagdish and I were talking about 90's music last week and I remembered to pin this.

Love this illustration. If you haven't checked out Samosapedia , you should. This site actually reminds me of my childhood in India with words like "bucket bath" , "sidy", "crank calls".

Sadhashivnagar, Bangalore in the early eighties. Today it's all huge houses and apartment buildings, and you can't see that much sky. Photo by Clay Kelton

British Council: Every major city in India has one of these. They had the best libraries and you would go here to scan books and articles for your 10th grade "project." You had to be a member and membership was fairly expensive. I would sneak in!

Milkman: Yes we had milk delivered every morning by a milkman who would show up at 5am and drop off milk outside the door. When we went clubbing (see goa trance), the goal was to come home before the milkman came!

Uncle Chips!!!


I loved these!!!

MAHARAJA Air India logo.

TYPEWRITERS: Even in the 80s they seemed anachronistic. But we had one lying around, collecting dust. The sound of the keys is something we all know well from waiting in line at government offices and banks indefinitely.

Puttu, Plantain and Rice! This is unique to us malayalis. What an amazing combination.

HAM RADIO: Ham radio clubs become popular in the late 80's. The intersection of socially awkward Indian nerds and older creepy uncles were members of "ham radio clubs." They would sit in their rooms for hours and communicate with the Russians.