Country girl

"I have high standards because [country music] taught me how a man should treat a lady" I'm so glad you found your cowboy.

The Country girl

Most people don't think of California as a cowgirl/country girl place, but I live here and I'm as country as it gets!

Redneck Romeo ♥

I don't need NO prince charming in a limo, All I need is a redneck Romeo in a 4 by 4 pickup. That's what I want in a guy

I want it

How to Build a Log Bed. A log bed is a bed frame built entirely from logs that are cut and shaped to fit together without nails or screws. Early log beds were made with crossrails and topped with a mattress. Modern log beds hold a box.

Pool table

SO EASY TO DO! Change ANYTHING with a hard sealed surface into camo in one easy wrap. Jonathan Culverhouse with Triangle Home Gamerooms, out of Raleigh, NC camo'd up their pool table in Realtree Camo vinyl! Boy it never ceases to amaze me what my Custome

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