Elaine Jenkinson

Elaine Jenkinson

Elaine Jenkinson
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2 toilet rolls (they do not have to be wet!) 1 bar of soap Warm water you will also need a cheese grater and a large container to make the mud in.

What do you do when your two year old throws two new rolls of toilet paper in the bath? You make clean mud of course! I hate waste, and throwing things away unecessarily, so was slightly horrified…

Make Fizzy Cloud Dough! Once the kids are done with the sensory aspect move on to the science of fizziness! from PowerfulMothering.com

2 in 1 activity! Make cloud dough and once the kids are done with it turn it into a science experiment by making it fizz! Great for preschoolers and even toddlers! homemade cloud dough and taste safe!

If I ever get married someone please remind me to take a picture like this.

As if we needed something else to get ourselves excited for the forthcoming return, Estée Lauder is releasing Mad Men-themed makeup this March.and I love Estee Lauder and the entire style from the era in Mad Men!