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DIY Gardening

From kitchen herb boxes to backyard gardens, these DIY tips and tricks are sure to earn you a green thumb.

DIY Gardening

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How to Build a Hugelkultur Bed --> www.hgtvgardens.c...

  • Elizabeth Smith
    Elizabeth Smith

    This so looked like it would fit in your backyard

Tips for Starting a Workplace Garden >> blog.diynetwork.c...

Make This DIY Elevated Planter Bed >> blog.diynetwork.c...

  • Sarah (Make Grow Do)
    Sarah (Make Grow Do)

    Awesome raised bed!! That's what I need for my lettuce. PS) I'm hosting a super cute "Dig for Victory" Enamel Mug giveaway on the blog this week:

  • Linda Edens-Gonzalez
    Linda Edens-Gonzalez

    Maybe solve my soil dilemmas and save my back.

Modern + White + Minimalist: Easy Windowsill Herb Garden Planters

  • Jolynn

    Going to totally do this!!!

DIY Seed Spacer Made from a Wood Ruler – Get the How-to >> blog.diynetwork.c...

Pretty + Easy Wood Veneer Planters >> blog.diynetwork.c...

DIY Raised Garden Beds: Get the How-To >> blog.diynetwork.c...

  • Jake Conner
    Jake Conner

    I like the garden bed, nice concept on building it.

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Tips and Plant Suggestions for Gardening in Shade >> blog.diynetwork.c...

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To Keep Slugs Off Your Cabbage, Feed Them Beer >> blog.diynetwork.c...

  • sandra elamin
    sandra elamin

    I use this tip for all my plants because it really works.

How to Calculate How Much Soil You Need for Your Raised Bed Garden >> blog.diynetwork.c...

  • Jessica Brown
    Jessica Brown

    Hey Jess, what are you doing on here?

Secret: These Peonies Aren't Real! Get the How-To >> blog.diynetwork.c...

Are You Hot for Hypertufa? Get the How-To >> blog.diynetwork.c...

Creative and upcycled garden containers >> blog.diynetwork.c...

Follow these steps to properly dry out your herbs -->

  • Jodie Rogers
    Jodie Rogers

    Hi, could you please add me here as well! Thank you!

  • Gloria Adams
    Gloria Adams

    Hello DIY Network, could you please add me as a contributor to your board: DIY Gardening ! Thank You very much!

How do you know when to harvest your crops? It's all about timing -->

Kelly's tips for maximizing small gardening spaces: Wide rows, high-yield plants and raised beds -->

  • Eddie Llanora - Real Estate
    Eddie Llanora - Real Estate

    Its different and looks great!

  • Dianna Elliott
    Dianna Elliott

    Hope to do some of these at my new home can you help me on how you did hour's pl :-)

  • Sherry Guttridge
    Sherry Guttridge

    Maybe on the side of house

Kelly shares a new twist on the raised bed: Growing edibles in straw bales -->

Raised beds come in all shapes and sizes. Think outside the 'box' with these raised bed ideas that Paul rounded up -->

  • Sarah (Make Grow Do)
    Sarah (Make Grow Do)

    Awesome raised bed!! That's what I need for my lettuce. PS) I'm hosting a super cute "Dig for Victory" Enamel Mug giveaway on the blog this week:

  • Marie Sanders
    Marie Sanders

    Hi DIY Network, please invite me here!I would love to contribute! Thanks!

Lisa's step garden is one of our most popular pins of all time -->

If you're still not convinced you have a green-enough thumb to try any of these, Felicia suggests this cool trick: Regrow vegetables from kitchen scraps -->

  • Nancy Blaschke
    Nancy Blaschke

    I just tried this! My romaine cutting has sprouted! Yay! :D

Grow to your health! Broccoli, spinach and avocados made our list of the 13 healthiest veggies to grow -->

Zucchini and squash are great candidates for containers as well. Try these varieties -->