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From kitchen herb boxes to backyard gardens, these DIY tips and tricks are sure to earn you a green thumb.

DIY Gardening

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Storing seeds of all kinds in brown paper helps keep them free of moisture. You can place clipped seed heads in a bag and shake it to separate the seeds from the flowers and stems.

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  • Q102/WKRQ

    Best looking DIY rain barrel I've seen. Love this one! Laura

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    Chipp Marshal

    Just wanted to say hi!

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    The Smiths


How to Build a Hugelkultur Bed --> www.hgtvgardens.c...

  • Deb Martinez
    Deb Martinez

    I live by cold weather has well hot here in albuquerque need plants and trees that can with stand these climates any ideas what to buy T U.

  • Lourdes Gile
    Lourdes Gile

    I like it !! Beatiful

  • Andrea Greenhill
    Andrea Greenhill

    Great idea ! recycled wild grasses and branches and much. The instructions and pictures were clearly explained. I enjoyed and will build one. Thanks much :-)

  • Anita Newport
    Anita Newport

    This can be created anywhere in your yard, I love the concept.

  • Deb Martinez
    Deb Martinez

    Landscape DIY much rewarding a place to unwind from your day give yourself permission :) •relax●

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  • Linda Edens-Gonzalez
    Linda Edens-Gonzalez

    Maybe solve my soil dilemmas and save my back.

  • Little Yankee Homestead
    Little Yankee Homestead

    Awesome raised bed!! That's what I need for my lettuce. PS) I'm hosting a super cute "Dig for Victory" Enamel Mug giveaway on the blog this week:

  • Joy Salvador
    Joy Salvador

    I just made a double one of these this weekend:)

Modern + White + Minimalist: Easy Windowsill Herb Garden Planters

  • Jolynn

    Going to totally do this!!!

  • Cindi Jo Shafransky
    Cindi Jo Shafransky

    Love the clean &streamlined look.

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  • Kathy Wilbraham
    Kathy Wilbraham

    I love that idea with the ruler, It'll save a lot of time too.

  • Timothy Mann
    Timothy Mann

    For poppy seeds use a seed tape. strips of newsprint (no color) with dabs of flour paste. While still wet put one or two poppy seeds per dab of paste. follow directions on how close. Do a search to see.

  • Lynette Stone
    Lynette Stone

    Thanks so much Timothy, that sounds like a great idea.

  • Catherine Caple
    Catherine Caple

    that would work for carrots too!

  • Cindi Jo Shafransky
    Cindi Jo Shafransky

    Would this be in the fall?

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  • Jake Conner
    Jake Conner

    I like the garden bed, nice concept on building it.

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  • maureen piccinini
    maureen piccinini

    My daughter in law has a shady corner in front of her house, she is not a gardener ! I suggested hostas, which I some extras, any other ideas, that will have flowers & easy to grow in shade. All my plants are in the sun...

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  • sandra elamin
    sandra elamin

    I use this tip for all my plants because it really works.

  • Ruby Ross
    Ruby Ross

    this absolutely works. I use this around all my plants slugs like to dine on.

  • Wendy Wagner
    Wendy Wagner

    my dogs drank the beer

  • Ruby Ross
    Ruby Ross

    Oh Lordywendy you had some happy dogs. really the only thing you need to do is put just some in a mayonnaise jar lid that's about all you need its honestly the only thing I have found that works for me

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    Jessika Barron


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  • Diana Sweeney
    Diana Sweeney

    Sooo cute♥

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  • June Sansom
    June Sansom

    So sorry, I did not mean to upset any one, was asked where I got mine and I stated I got mine in Georgia, I did not send to another site, just where I bought my ones. June.

  • June Sansom
    June Sansom

    Thank you Catherine, I was just telling where I bought my heads, I was just being helpful so I thought. I did not mean to upset any one. Thank you for your response. June.

  • June Sansom
    June Sansom

    Andrea, you could try and see if they have a web site and may be you will be lucky and get a head One, Two or three. Wish you luck. June.

  • Cheryl Spears
    Cheryl Spears

    Thank you June!

  • Cheryl Spears
    Cheryl Spears

    Thanks everyone else!

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Follow these steps to properly dry out your herbs -->

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    Hello DIY Network, could you please add me as a contributor to your board: DIY Gardening ! Thank You very much!

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    Hi, could you please add me here as well! Thank you!

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    Graham Reis

    I am ready to learn more about gardening. I would very much appreciate being a subscriber to DIY Gardens.

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    Andrea Greenhill

    Love it!

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  • Sherry Guttridge
    Sherry Guttridge

    Maybe on the side of house

  • Dianna Elliott
    Dianna Elliott

    Hope to do some of these at my new home can you help me on how you did hour's pl :-)

  • Eddie Llanora - Real Estate
    Eddie Llanora - Real Estate

    Its different and looks great!

  • Barbara Moloney
    Barbara Moloney

    neat and orderly, i like that

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    Marie Sanders

    Hi DIY Network, please invite me here!I would love to contribute! Thanks!

  • Little Yankee Homestead
    Little Yankee Homestead

    Awesome raised bed!! That's what I need for my lettuce. PS) I'm hosting a super cute "Dig for Victory" Enamel Mug giveaway on the blog this week: