Pet Projects

Don't forget DIYs for your furry friends! Check out our favorite projects from upcycled toys to healthy recipes to beds and furniture.

Pet Projects

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How to Make a No-Sew Pet Bed >>

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  • Jackie Marlow
    Jackie Marlow


Halloween Costumes for Pets >>

  • Marah Dolan
    Marah Dolan

    Christina Zerega costume for beans!!!!! That kinda looks like her 😜

Halloween Costumes for Pets >>

Biker (Cat and Dog Halloween Costume Ideas)

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  • Cristiane Balades de Andrade
    Cristiane Balades de Andrade

    Fofo demais

Homemade Peanut Butter Bones >>

  • Young Living Essential Oils Esther Myers Independent Oil Guide
    Young Living Essential Oils Esther Myers Independent Oil Guide

    Because we love our pets like family

Mutt Loaf >>

  • Daphne Phillips
    Daphne Phillips

    jessica wilson we should try to make this sometime!

  • Lexi Chapman
    Lexi Chapman

    That looks disgusting ,I wouldn't give my dog those

  • Cindi Bautista
    Cindi Bautista

    Awesome Idea! Gives the dog a good balance.

  • Presley Dean
    Presley Dean

    Martha Alemu FYI this comes up if you search for mutt

  • Letia

    duh mutt is in title of the recipe

Apple Cinnamon PupCakes >>

  • Brenda Downs
    Brenda Downs

    Look like poop poos!! Lol my dogs will love them

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  • Krizia Flores
    Krizia Flores

    melanie de la hoya

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Bowtie Collar

  • rachel ❂
    rachel ❂

    This looks adorable on the dog!!πŸ’›

  • Kimberly Martin
    Kimberly Martin

    Cajun NEEDS this!

  • Susan DiBartolomeo
    Susan DiBartolomeo

    Outstanding and eye catching!

Pet Peek

  • Krystal Taylor
    Krystal Taylor

    I love this idea!! My dog is always trying to see what the Neighbors are up to.

  • Debbie Derleth
    Debbie Derleth

    This is so funny. It's a peeping dog. My dog would be the biggest peeper.

  • Raquel Martinez Archilla
    Raquel Martinez Archilla

    Lissette Galano we should totally do this lol

  • Abbey Marie
    Abbey Marie

    Hope it's scratch resistant & soundproof or we're in

  • Olga Higby
    Olga Higby

    Never, my dog would go nuts for every moving thing outside the gates/fence

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  • Lisa & Gary Barnier - RE/MAX
    Lisa & Gary Barnier - RE/MAX

    This is a cute idea. Thanks for pinning.

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  • Relevant Rankings
    Relevant Rankings

    Like it

  • Carlee Wrobleski
    Carlee Wrobleski

    Awesome! :-)

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  • Jaclyn Tynne
    Jaclyn Tynne

    I went to the store and it's actually really expensive to get enough outdoor fabric! You can buy 1 from target for $10.

  • Tamera Holland
    Tamera Holland

    Thanks...I will get mine from target, for sure

  • Tamera Holland
    Tamera Holland

    Thanks for the info. I will go to Target.

Most Popular Pet Project of 2012: Pet Bed End Table >>

  • Peggy Kent
    Peggy Kent

    I love this ideal! It would be easy to do also.

  • Soul Affiliates
    Soul Affiliates

    Sure...for dogs under 20 pounds!!! I would knock that thing right over!

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