Mason jar craft ideas  @Shelby Waters

We can’t do a week of jar crafts without talking about Johnnie’s Roundup of Mason Jar Decor Ideas. Exclusively from Saved by Love Creations and her Roundup Gallery! Johnnie has collected some wonderful mason jar craft tutorials.

maybe not sure yet

Check off list! I have a small tattoo on my left hip that my mom designed. It always reminds me of her ♡ Get a small tattoo that means a lot

plan on it :)

I want to meet someone who I can call the love of my live who I will want to spend my life with and grow old with by the time I am 20 so we can get married when I'm about

dance with my dad at my wedding

I never got to dance with my daddy at my wedding. He was already gone. I don't remember ever dancing with him because he was sick my whole life. But in my my dreams he danced at my wedding, oh how we dance.


go on a disney cruise. The hubby went on one when he was a kid. I hope to take the kids someday!

sick dayy :)

Spend an entire day watching Disney movies.I'm sure I will do this when I have kids, or maybe before! I LOVE Disney movies!


Smash a pie in someone's face. Why have I always wanted to do this? I've also wanted a pie smashed in my face to.

be a princess :)

Bucket List: Stay in Cinderella's Castle. Cinderella's Castle Suite is one of the most enchanted places I have ever been. I'd love to stay there for a night!