2D Shapes Print & Practice {freebie}

2D Shapes Print & Practice {freebie}


Here’s a fun set of free activities for teaching 3D Shapes (solids)! We had so much fun with our 2D shape activities, that I decided we needed a 3D set to go along with it. We’re just getting started with 3D shapes for Jaida, my first grader, so this is a fun set to introduce …

Life Over Cs

3D Shapes Free Activities - Life Over Cs


This is a set of 15 simple puzzles that have students match 3-D shapes with real-world examples. The shapes included are sphere, cube, cone, cylinder, and rectangular prism.These puzzles are easy to prepare! Print them on cardstock, cut out, and laminate them for durability.

3-D Shape Puzzles


This book is the perfect way to introduce 3-D shapes in a kindergarten or first grade classroom. It uses real world objects introduce the geometry terms sphere, cone, cylinder, cube, rectangular prism and pyramids. Samantha Learning with a Happy Heart This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

3-D Shapes Book with Real World Objects


**FREE** Shape Sorting: Place the circles and squares into the correct category worksheet. Practice learning the differences between square objects and circle objects by sorting them into different categories.

MyTeachingStation.com - Free Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheets

Shape Sorting: Place the Circles and Squares Into The Correct Category


The four basic shapes and songs to remember them by.July 2015 Added hexagon.

Shape Song Posters


This is a set of 8 shape poems:~circle~square~rectangle~triangle~star~heart~oval~diamondI have included two versions of each poem: a full sheet version and then a version to cut and put in poetry or math journals.I hope you enjoy my product. If you are unhappy in any way, please contact me right away and I will do my best to make it right.I appreciate your support!

Shape Poems {Freebie}


What’s My Shape? Lesson Plan from Lakeshore Learning

What's My Shape at Lakeshore Learning


Shapes and Colors Preschool Worksheet

Preschool Class


Pizza Shapes

Prewriting Pizza Shapes


Pattern – Trace the shape that comes next – 2 Worksheets - FREE PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS

Patterns – Trace the shape that comes next – 2 Worksheets


FREE! Shapes pattern page!

SHAPES Pattern Practice Page


FREEBIE...Shape Friends Clipart

FREEBIE...Shape Friends Clipart


Free - Kids clip art

Kids clip art. ~200 Followers FREEBIE!


Here are 15 ways to Learn Shapes - including using an abacus, hopscotch, scissors, trains and pizza!

Powerful Mothering

15 Ways to Learn Shapes


Alphabet Cube Puzzle printables - Includes free printable puzzles for shapes, numbers, letters, and patterns! Great for strengthening fingers, busy bags and quiet time.

True Aim
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A Bushel of Shapes

A Bushel of Shapes


I have Who Has? Shapes and Colors - Learning Games for Kids

Itsy Bitsy Fun

I have Who Has Shapes and Colors - Learning Games for Kids


Chicka Tree Shapes: FREE Pocket Chart Activity

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I Have Who Has - SHAPES freebie

I Have Who Has - SHAPES


Circle Themed Tot School - 11 Circle Themed Tot Trays | #TotSchool #TotTrays #Circles #Toddlers #Teaching #Learning #School #Kids

My Life of Travels and Adventures

My Life of Travels and Adventures: Circle Themed Tot School


Free Shape Coloring Pages - 3Dinosaurs.com

New Shape Coloring Pages! | 3 Dinosaurs


Shape placemat Craft for Toddlers

Shape Craft for Toddlers


Sort the Shapes~ FREEBIE

Sort the Shapes~ FREEBIE


20+ ideas for teaching shapes to kids

Gift of Curiosity

20+ ideas for teaching shapes to kids - Gift of Curiosity