Egg Box by Otília Erdélyi

Egg Box by Otília Erdélyi (Student Work)

Not quite graphic design but cool packaging Packaging of the World: Creative Package Design Archive and Gallery: Egg Box by Otília Erdélyi (Student Work)

Hilarious. #Mercedes #chicken

it's about cars but you'll see only the chicken. It's Mercedes-Benz TV: MAGIC BODY CONTROL TV commercial "Chicken"

Make your own heart-shaped eggs.

Here is manual of how to make a heart shaped egg. Here is manual of how to make a heart shaped egg. Step Cut milk carton and fold it in half lengthwise. Step Make a hard boiled

Surprise marble eggs.

What a cute idea! Give Your Easter Eggs a Different Spin This Year with These Twisted Spider-Bunny Eggs « Holidays

Clever. "Ombre eggs" Slowly add more and more water until the eggs are completely covered

DIY ombre Easter eggs - slowly add more water until eggs are completely covered.

Eggless chick born in Sri Lanka.

Hen lays healthy 'eggless' chick

Over in Sri Lanka, a hen gave birth to a live chick. You might recall something about how hens lay eggs, which they then incubate outside of their body, and

Easter eggplant.

Eggplant Joke - Cute Comedy with Kawaii Fruit cartoons

Egg art.

lolsofunny: “FRANC GROM EGG SHELL ART Egg Art Master Franc Grom sells egg artwork by creating approximately to holes in each egg shell. His intricate art is inspired by traditional.

Super Mario Bros.

Funny pictures about Super Mario Eggs. Oh, and cool pics about Super Mario Eggs. Also, Super Mario Eggs photos.