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A garden hose and zip ties.... add some garden accessories to make a great housewarming gift

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Winter Bucket List I am triying to do every single thing in this list you have to try it too. With your friends, family mybe your bf there are lots of ideas. You don't have to sit on your sofa all day long go out and try these ideas. Have lots of fun...

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Fun Ways to Give Money as a Gift!

Use a mason jar. Place toilet paper roll in center. Pour unwrapped bite-sized candies in jar- AROUND TP ROLL. Stuff money in tp roll. (Write eat me on jar) Perfect gift for birthday. Make sure its their favorite candy to be sure they don't throw it away!

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Send a box full of balloons with notes/money inside each one. Won't weigh much to ship! Great for niece and nephew birthdays. I want to do this!!

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