A Writer's Rule Book

#atozchallenge W is for The Writing Rule Book [Infographic]

ADVICE FROM LAVA :)  - What I can advise you about...

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Behind The World's Back

"Behind The World's Back - (Justin Bieber Love Story) - Chapter 20 - Announcements and Introductions" by - "Justin in head over heels in love with Lava, too bad she hates him. But what happens when the thin l…"

Once Upon A Time

OFFER OFFER OFFER Hi Girls! I'd love to sell a few things over the next week- we are going to Disney in SEVEN days! I'd love some extra pocket money! Reasonable offers only!

Lies & Pain

This shows that she portrays a happy person on the outside, but is infact feeling alone and sad on the inside but hides it for the benefit of her family.

I Never Thought That

Everything changed once I stopped wishing things were better, and decided to actually 'make' them better.