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Brainy things

What chalk looks like under the microscope – an image taken in 1860 – and other chalk curiosities from NPR’s Robert Krulwich

Live dangerously!

A little nerd humor for your Wendesday.

Impact of Focal Length / Lenses on Portraits. On the left is a wide-angle shot 28mm) and on the right a longer shot (85mm). I miss my Micro-Nikkor 105mm: it was fabulous on both bugs and portraits!

Venus Transit - Venus Transit Viewing

Periodic table

Optical Illusion Relieves Arthritis Pain: a mirror is used to superimpose a researcher’s hand over a subject’s arthritic hand.After experiencing their hand moving smoothly, subjects rated their arthritis pain lower and had an increased range of motion. Perhaps joint inflammation isn't the only source of painful sensations. The brain has learned to associate movement with pain.The illusion helps the brain disconnecting the sight from the sensation. /Come la memoria del dolore ci condiziona.


Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived - The Oatmeal