so true,...

Something we can all relate to…

Funny pictures about Maybe I'll make two sandwiches. Oh, and cool pics about Maybe I'll make two sandwiches. Also, Maybe I'll make two sandwiches.

THIS IS SO CREEPY. IT'S ALL TRUE. WHO'S STALKING ME?! I did everything except the disney one.

Haven’t we all…

Weird things we all do. - funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - funny animals @ humor ok not the shots one but.

Youth pastor drives by while walking down road. Act natural @Alaina Marie Marie clement puts hands on hips. @Andria Lo Lo clement stands on one foot and I go all dramatic

Whenever we are in class and the teacher walks out of the room, it instantaneously becomes complete and utter chaos. The teacher walks back in and someone is like," everyone act like nothing just happened" only to have everyone look completely unnatural

Books, Books & Books!

It's Better To Have Your Nose In A Book, Than In Someone Else's Business. I get far more enjoyment out of a book than someone else's business anyway.

HUGE Funny Friday Picture Dump – 115 Pics!

Omg so true. It like "I know I know that actor. God what is he/she in?

Yes. I laughed at something today that happened last year. No joke. And at something that happened like 6 hours ago.

Then I think of it again and start laughing for another five minutes ME ITS SO ME! And then at home my mom is like "okay enough already, Citlalli " and I start laughing again, because how can you not? And then my mom starts laughing

Yes this is true!

Good guy Pringles…

Me and my friends do that all the time!!!!

I do this all the time. I laugh at everything even when it's not funny. My friends are like what's so funny.

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that is why I know Jesus as my Lord and Savior, Elder Brother and best Friend now and into name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life and I approach my salvation with fear and trembling.