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a face painted on the side of a tree trunk with an umbrella over its head
Feuer_und_Flamme on X
Fun way to hide a PETling tube geocache container. :) Hmmm... Christmas is coming. A Rudolph version? #IBGCp
four different views of an outdoor kitchen made out of pallet boards and wood planks
Geocaching Favorite: Travel Bug Hotel
The Director's Travel Bug Hotel (GC3MFAD) in Alabama, a Premium Member #geocache with over 100 favourite points. Using the combination for the padlock found in the “Hints” section, unlock the wooden container at the bottom of what appears to be a birdhouse on a pole. Inside is a crank-and-pulley system used to lower the travel bug hotel down a rope. (4 pictures added from the cache page, stitched together by I.B. Geocaching -
an old table has been turned into a book stand with wheels and shelves to store books
Supersize My Geocache – The Biggest of BIG Caches
Supersized geocaches! No worries about room for trackables or trading swag in these caches. What's the largest geocache you've ever found? (pics from the Geocaching Blog stitched together by I.B. Geocaching & pinned to Creative Geocache Containers - #IBGCp
a tree with a hole in it that has a blue glass on the inside of it
#jeckyl #rundumbonn #rheinbach
a boat is on the water under a cloudy sky with sun rays coming through clouds
Impressionen aus Mondorf
Impressionen aus Mondorf
So lange man nicht auch in Versuchung kommt, an echten Lampen herumzuscharuben, eine klasse Idee! #Geocaching Camping, Bulb, Shed, Hidden Storage
buy squishy playdough diy-valentines for kids
So lange man nicht auch in Versuchung kommt, an echten Lampen herumzuscharuben, eine klasse Idee! #Geocaching
a bird house made out of legos in front of some bushes and trees on a sunny day
Geocache GC5NEER: Pieced Together by WVTim. Over 100 favourite points! Now you know what to do with that old Lego set. Part of the Mystery Caches of Berkeley County Geotrail in West Virginia. (pinned from websta to Birdhouse Geocaches - #IBGCp
a jar sitting on the ground in the woods
#geocaching #rheinbach #drivein #jeckyl #rundumbonn
fireworks are lit up in the night sky
#rheininflammen #mehlem #feuerwerk
a person is holding a coffee cup in front of a bird nest with a lid on it
#Geocaching #münchen #Empfehlung #jeckyl #deutschlandweit
a small red wooden structure in the woods
#Geocaching #deutschlandweit #tbhotel #Empfehlung #idstein #jeckyl
there is a bucket sitting on top of a rock
Tracy Mcgillivary (@McgillivaryT) on X
Red castle at Lunan, Angus, Scotland. Geocaching takes u to some amazing places.
a tree with a face carved into it's trunk and eyes drawn on the bark
Boogers (GC211CZ), a #geocache in Kansas with over 30 favourite points. This would be an interesting cache to log!
a bird house hanging from the side of a tree
jatta on Twitter
Cute cache in Germany (pinned from Twitter to Creative Geocache Containers - #IBGCp
there is a rock with moss growing on it and an empty bag next to it
Chia Cache
The wheels of my mind are turning with this one!!!! #cache #geocache #geocaching