Affect vs Effect I've learnt from this post, I think of it and use it every day in class-- This would have been helpful on the PSAT

Warnings and advice for writers <<

Beware of publishing scams! Writing reference me myself and I publishing books writing remember help important

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Gun terms for writers

Gun terms for writers lol, my dad is a gun smith, so I just found this to be a nice refresher course, but it's still really good information for writers!<<< Same, I already knew most of the terms but this was still good for books and stuff

I reallyyyyy wish they would have capitalized these but oh well // hazel from HoO! lucas from red queen!

types of boys tumblr

types of boys tumblr

So basically Light sold half of his lifespan for shinigami eyes and they wrote a story(death note)<<Lol basically. But I just read a book about a girl who can see people's death dates but never mentioned seeing her own.


Moana is trying to escape the island to the sea because the chief government as been overthrown and she is now a slave.

Female characters to avoid in your writing. Character development.

I’ve only seen Twilight, but I think I agree with the Bella Swan thing. Movie Hermione is definitely different from Book Hermione. I kinda fell in love with Book Hermione.