Waxed canvas rucksack / backpack with roll up top and waxed leather bottem COLLECTION UNISEX

Kyojin Backpack Black

Kyojin Backpack

Subtle as David and just as intimidating as Goliath, the KYOJIN II, Japanese for "giant" is the true work horse. Whether your carrying light or in a tight jam, the KYOJIN handles it with stride.

cool backpack

Master-Piece (MSPC) x BEAMS – Sail Back Pack

// Pärereppu by Month of Sundays

Month of Sundays

Backpack (Back) by Month of Sundays, a Finland label created by designer sisters, Milla and Iina Kettunen.

joanie mini bag

Joanie Mini Bag

Flap Ruck Sack - Makr

Flap Ruck Sack Black Canvas and Horween® Manitoba Leather