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Art Portraits

Beautiful paintings of women from past ages.

Digital Art by Junlin Wang

Digital art by Jeff Langevin

Cool Digital Illustrations by JIA RUAN

Original Digital Art by Ephynephryn

The Beggar Princess and the Magic Rose by James C. Christensen

Józef Mehoffer - Portrait de la Femme de l'Artiste, 1904

By the Fireside - Henry Salem Hubbell

Hypatia of Alexandria by Alfred Seifert - She was a Neoplatonist philosopher in Egypt who was the first well-documented woman in mathematics.

Ilya Repin, Moonlight, 1896

Leonardo DaVinci- Virgin of the Rocks detail, 1483-1486

Sandro Boticelli. Portrait of a Young Woman, c.1480

John William Waterhouse - The Shrine

Portrait of May Sartoris by Frederic Leighton @K D Eustaquio Belleville Museum

The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins details 1838-42 Friedrich Wilhelm Schadow

petitpoulailler: monsieurleprince: ca 1900 Charles Frederick Naegele (American, 1857-1944) ~ Portrait of Hilda Clark Flower

Anders Zorn Sommarnoje 1886

The Green Calash by Ellen Day Hale