Loving a woman by Bob Marley.Are there REALLY men out there that feel this way? Bob Marley you're one of a kind!


A true relationship is this. Not one where you have to lie and deceit to to get what u want. If you have to do those things then you don't have a true relationship, only a illusion.


And some people will never apologize when they know they were wrong. And those people are not worth anyone's time byeeee

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A relationship without trust is like a car without gas, you can stay in it all you want, but it won't go anywhere. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.


Relationships last long because two people make a choice: to keep it, fight for it, and work for it.


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Actually, I would feel complimented if you called me old fashioned.if taking relationships seriously means I'm old fashioned.

So true!

Relationships do not get easier. Every day is a struggle. Every day is a battle. It doesn't get easier with time. In fact, it gets harder. The secret is finding someone who's willing to be weak and strong with you at the same time.

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Lil Wayne speaks the truth

"If a girl understands your bullshit, sticks through your mistakes, smiles even when you've done nothing for her, its obvious she's a keeper. But its also obvious you dont deserve her." -Lil Wayne smart man that wayne guy.

Truly, this is one of the best things about relationships. Best two and a half years of my LIFE. <3

"one day we will never have to say goodbye, only goodnight.I want "one day" NOW!

One day i will love some man again one day i will call him my husband

"if you love someone, tell them. Forget about the rules or the fear of looking ridiculous. What is truly ridiculous is passing up on an opportunity to tell someone that your heart is invested

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I don't want to wait nor do I want a boy. A man that doesn't wait for me but lives life, loves me, and works towards something amazing? Yes please. I don't need to be the end all be all in anyone's life, I want to be loved not coveted.

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Some who really loves you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle, but still wants you in their life. -- thank god for you

Never give up what you want

Never give up on something you really want. It's difficult to wait, but more difficult to regret. I know I will regret if I don't wait.

every great relationship I've had

How true. I love my husband How true. I love my husband How true. I love my husband

Prove you need me in your life.

the only guy you need in your life is the one that proves that he needs you in his and I have done this Theresa I need you in my life because I love you with all my heart xoxoxoxoxoxo

relationship... I could so paint this on canvas for a gift to the special u know who!!! #lovingboyfriend;)

The best relationship is when you two can act like lovers and best friends. It's when you have more playful moments than serious moments. It's when you'll rather chill inside to watch movies, eat junk food, and cuddle than go out all the time.

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One day, someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else. Well, I certainly hope so!