These nail polish flowers are absolutely amazing!

So Cute! These nail polish flowers are absolutely amazing! Love this simple project idea using Nail Polish and Wire! The key is to first cover the wire in glue then paint over with nail polish.

Unendliche Möglichkeiten- wooohoo!

DIY silicon molds {pinner said: Had 4 tubes of silicon and got 27 molds. It took an hour to do.

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Learn how to prepare organics to add into Nunn Design 2-Part Resin with these helpful tips.  Visit the blog for a full tutorial:

How to Use Organics in Open Back Bezels with Nunn Design 2-Part Resin

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Riesenseifenblase - ein Rezept für optimales Seifenblasenwasser

500 ml Wasser 250 g Zucker (erhitzen, in Wasser auflösen) 250 g Spülmittel 20 ml Glyzerin

easy diy shoes

Royal College of Art Unveils "Design For The Real World" Exhibition at London Design Festival

Am I going to take up shoemaking? Made from a single piece of biodegradable wool felt, “Lasso” by Gaspard Tiné-Berés are warm, comfortable slippers that are stitched together with standard colored laces.

Fabric Storage Organizer Basket - Origami Bin Organizer

Fabric Storage Organizer Basket - O

Fabric storage organizer basket - Origami bin organizer Great idea for taking a project on Retreat.


A lamp made out of doilies! Take a bunch of doilies and sort of papier-mache them to a large balloon. Pop the balloon, run a light through the doily-ball, and BAM. The effect is beautiful.