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A new breakfast pastry experiment

I needed a new pastry for my weekend-breakfast toolbox, and these corn muffins proved to be the right choice.

The tide turns...

The tide turns.

Sometimes you just have to have breakfast tacos for supper

And it's glorious. Basically, we needed to make some salsa with garden tomatoes and my fake jalapeños. Seemed like breakfast tacos were the way to go.

Chainsaws (without cords) are Amazing

Chainsaws (without cords) are Amazing

Glazed Cinnamon Rolls Are a Sticky Temptation - NYTimes.com

butterscotch glazed cinnamon rolls - good, solid recipe, although the butterscotch glaze wasn't quite as rich as I'd hoped - next time might try caramelizing the brown sugar longer before adding the powdered sugar.