my favorite from Banksy #Bansky

New Banksy's and More at MOCA's Art in the Streets

Funny pictures about Banksy's Stained Glass. Oh, and cool pics about Banksy's Stained Glass. Also, Banksy's Stained Glass photos.

Awesome and so true, a parents biggest fault let your children be who they are.  #Bansky #Arte #urban

"A lot of parents will do anything for their kids except let them be themselves. ~ Banksy (original quote from War and Piece, says, Mothers instead of parents, but you get the jist.

40 Powerful Photos Show Why Bansky Is the Spokesman of Our Generation

40 Powerful Photos Show Why Banksy Is the Spokesman of Our Generation reflecting about this

NAO Robot - NAO Evo Humanoid Robot - Active Robots

- NAO is the most widely used humanoid robot for academic purposes worldwide. It is a versatile platform used to explore a wide variety of research topics in robotics as well as computer science, human-machine interaction, and the social sciences.

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Why You Definitely Don't Want to Vandalize Banksy's Graffiti in Utah

In Park City, Utah, David William Noll is being charged with criminal mischief for vandalizing two of Banky's murals in the city's main street.

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