Web 2.0 for Schools

A collection of Web 2.0 resources that can be used in the school.
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JustApricot.com domain is for sale | Buy with Epik.com
Apricot | Start Parent Engagement, Spark Student Achievement
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GoConqr - Changing the way you learn
GoConqr - excellent site for creating flashcards, quizzes, and more
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Moovly l Online Video Editor and Video Maker for Business and Education
Moovly - Create Animated Content like a Pro
a web page with two cartoon heads on the front and back of it that says welcome to bookopis
Bookopolis - a great place for students to write book reports and review books
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Info - Noteflight Music Notation Software
Noteflight - For K-12 Schools - create/share music in safe environment
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Penzu Classroom. The ultimate writing and education tool from the creators of Penzu.
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Classroom technology for online learning
FlipSnack Edu - Engage students with rich media learning materials through educational portal, nice for Blended & Flipped Learning
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Quill.org | Interactive Writing and Grammar
Quill - a great site for students to work on their Writing skills
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Edventure Builder
Edventure Builder - a great site for creating your own scavenger hunt, interactive story, or choose your own adventure
Booktrack Classroom - an interesting site/app allows educators to add a soundtrack to any book/text/writing Learning, Online Math, Online Tutoring, Resources, Student, Discounts For Teachers, Child Psychologist
Booktrack Classroom - an interesting site/app allows educators to add a soundtrack to any book/text/writing
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Been for Education | Gather where you've been together, bookmarking/browsing for collaborative classrooms
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Digital Portfolio Websites For Teachers, Students, Educators and Professionals
PortfolioGen Classroom Accounts - a great site for students to create free digital portfolios in a safe environment
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Video Animation Software for Businesses | Vyond
GoAnimate for schools - great safe educational portal for creating animated videos
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Google Connected Classrooms - a great way to go on virtual field trips through Google+
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Voki Classroom Management System - a great safe way for teachers to integrate voki's into the classroom