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"Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it's at the end of your arm." --Audrey Hepburn

7 of the Most Glamorous Audrey Hepburn Quotes


When life hands you lemons, become a flamingo…

So true

You Called That Art?

Not just a pretty face- a REAL ROLE MODEL. Forget the drugged up sex symbols, THIS is a REAL WOMAN.

The legacy of a great woman…

15 Of The Most Empowering Things Emma Watson Has Ever Said

North Korea

North Korea Is Really Messed Up

Can you imagine a American CEO doing that? (NOTE: The figures are messed up, but I found the story itself is worth telling.)

True Hero - The Meta Picture

Faith in humanity restored

When hope becomes reality…

She Was A Real Beauty

She Was A Real Beauty

Evanna Lynch left the strong message on her Facebook page

This Harry Potter actress has got a strong message for any homophobes following her

With the perfect hourglass figure, backless dresses & silver tinted hair, jazz singer Joyce Bryant became known as "The Bronze Bombshell" AKA The Black Marilyn Monroe. She would become the first dark-skinned African-American woman celebrated by the mass media as a 'sex-symbol'. She made her way to the stage in 1940. It was there she gained national and international acclaim for her earthy, sultry tone and figure flattering costumes.

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Awesome time facts…

That's amazing

Sylvester Stallone’s story should be told to everyone ever…

R.I.P. Robin Williams. Thank You For The Laughs - 24 Pics

R.I.P. Robin Williams. Thank You For The Laughs - 24 Pics


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Robert Downey Jr. walks out of interview when the interviewer's questions start in on his troubled past. Good for you RDJ!!

Robert Downey Jr Has Walked Out Of An Interview With Channel 4 News

Truly a Super Man…

Truly a Super Man…

Hedy Lamarr selling war bonds in Newark, 1942

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Martha Raye (1916 - 1994), American comedienne and USO worker, She is the only woman buried in the Special Forces cemetery at Fort Bragg. Hollywood just doesn't make 'em like this any more. During WWII, Korea and Vietnam, she traveled extensively to entertain the American troops. Martha was made an honorary Green Beret and visited US Army Special Forces in Vietnam without fanfare.She was affectionately known by the Green Berets as "Colonel Maggie." #WWII

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Classic Love Quotes By Famous People

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J.K. Rowling's response to Rupert Murdoch's anti-Muslim tweets. Spoiler alert: She wins.

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Jennifer Lawrence

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A Hero's Hero!

This guy. This guy deserves all the medals…


10 of the Most Brilliant Beauty Quotes — Ever - Daily Makeover

99 year old woman who made tons of kids smile - WTF fun facts

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts